श्रीहरिदास संकीर्तनमंजरि (१-४) और अन्नमाचारि पद कीर्तनमंजरि- originally in Telugu with translieration into Devanagari script.

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Comments about Transliteration into Devanagari from Telugu

Please note: The transliterated Telugu lyrics in Devanagari script should be read as Sanskrit lyrics to get the correct diction and words.
i.e., Unless the halaMtaM or virAm is specifically used in the transliterated Telugu lyrics into Devanagari script, one should not apply the halaMtaM or virAm while pronouncing the words in the lyrics unlike in Hindi.
Please note: while transliterating into Devanagari,
short form of "e" (sounds like .. g e t ) "ऎ" is used to correctly reproduce Telugu. ex: ग् + ऎ = गॆ .. g e t ( गॆट् )
short form of "o" (sounds like .. d o nate ) "ऒ" is used to correctly reproduce Telugu. ex: ड् + ऒ = डॊ . . d o nate ( डॊनेट् )
Of course usual long form of "E" "ए" (like g a te .. गेट् ) and long form of "O" "ओ" ( like v o te .. वोट् ) are already part of the Devanagari script.
For Transliteration schemes for multiple languages, please see the help guide of Baraha.com software.

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